On the verge of dating

During the 18th century watchmakers in England and France continued to produce the largest quantity and the best quality watches.In each of these countries their distinctive style was further developed until the end of the century where the exchange between the two countries increased and gave rise to a more uniform style of big, flat watches.

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John Arnold and Thomas Earnshaw disputing over the privileges of perfecting escapes and compensation balances and building marine chronometers, some of which accompanied the most important geographical expeditions of the 18th century.

Gilt brass, verge fusee movement (dial plate 41.2mm, 10.0mm between plates) with Tompion regulator, slightly angled D-shaped cock.

A few outstanding watchmakers stood out of the mediocre crowd, most of them were associated with Jacques – Frédéric Houriet.

In England the watches kept the single footed cock, but the D- shape of the cock-foot seen at the end of the 17th century was retained only until about 1710.

Both countries followed the same change of pillar style, getting away from the tulip and Egyptian type towards the square baluster style, which started to get shorter, thinner and rounder towards the end of the 18th century, especially due to the effort of making smaller and flatter watches.

The use of pillars got obsolete, when newer movement configurations took over using separate bridges omitting the back plate, a system invented by French watchmaker Jean – Antoine Lépine and refined by Abraham – Louis Breguet.The Shire conducts a residential clean up program three times per year.The Shire of Peppermint Grove’s ‘Bulk Waste Verge Collection’ service is for the pickup of general hard waste, greenwaste and whitegoods only.This movement could have been made as commemorative piece either for the unification in 1707 or for Queen Anne, after her death in 1714.Older commemorative watches are known bearing the Royal coat of arms to commemorate the death of William III in 1702.Starting from then, the foot got narrower and the diameter of the cock itself diminished.

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